His Masters-Voice model 101 1925-31



The model 101 HMV portable Gramophone was available between October 1925 and circa 1931.
HMV originally introduced the Gramophone with the winding handle on the front; in late 1926 / early 1927 it was moved to the side.
The automatic start / brake contained in this Gramophone was introduced in 1929. The automatic brake activation is dependent upon the type of record played otherwise the record is stopped manually.
The 101 was introduced in 1925 with the Model 400 / 410 motor, this was replaced in late 1927 by the Model 59 enclosed motor which is found in this gramophone.
HMV started using Chrome instead of nickel plate circa 1930; The plating on this Gramophone is Chrome.

  • Hind: 175€

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